• Decade in SEO/SEM: Launched and led “TOP10” agency.
  • Achievements with TOP10: Managed a portfolio with over 10 million in Google ads revenue.
  • Since 2013: Independent SEO expert delivering a consistent 300% average ROI.
  • Mentorship: Guided and nurtured over 100 SEO professionals.
  • Strategy Approach: Data-driven with a passion for optimizing websites and boosting organic traffic.
  • Expertise Range: From ethical white hat techniques to black hat strategies.
  • Global Experience: Traveled Europe, US, Asia; accumulated 2 million airline miles.
  • PPC Mastery: Campaigns on Facebook ADS and Google Adwords reached 50 million users.
  • Recent Highlight: Campaign with 5 million social media engagements in a month.
  • Vision: Not just a follower in the digital realm, but a trendsetter.

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